Datuk Jason Liew Chee Keong


Datuk Jason Liew Chee Keong P.G.D.K.

Datuk Jason Liew Chee Keong made his debut in the construction field at a tender age of 16 as a mason supervisor. Being exposed to the construction industry at a young age, Datuk Jason Liew was fortunately a fast learner, and was able to expand and hone his skills quickly in the industry. He enjoyed his work albeit it was very tough. He saw first-hand how scarce skilled labour was at that time, and he knew this was a great opportunity and rose to the challenge. As he gained a strong foothold in the industry, he shared his knowledge and skill generously with many young men, and eventually developed a large pool of skilled talent under his tutelage. An entrepreneur at heart and armed with extensive experience and skilled personnel, Datuk Jason Liew cut his tooth in the construction business when he established Pembinaan Yoon Keong, providing specialised mosaic and tiling works for the interior and exterior of buildings in the 1980s.

Through the years, his talent and ability to produce superb quality work did not go unnoticed. In 1993, Datuk Jason Liew was offered a partnership to form Bina SKL Sdn. Bhd. Few years later, in 1999, armed with a pool of construction professionals, Datuk Jason Liew founded Bina PYK Sdn. Bhd. and soon after, Bina PYK (Sabah) Sdn. Bhd.

A strategist and visionary, Datuk Jason Liew serves as the Managing Director of the companies to this day. His business philosophy is ‘Visualise Clearly, Think Innovatively and Take Action’. Under his dynamic stewardship, Bina PYK and Bina PYK (Sabah) evolved into highly reputable construction companies, adapting to the ever-changing property development landscape and gained recognition for their emphasis on quality and excellence. The companies grew rapidly to become two of the most sought-after construction companies in Malaysia, customising the needs of their customers and enhancing the values of their stakeholders.

They were awarded the construction of high-rise premium building projects, notably among them, the 30-storey Menara Public Bank Johor Baharu, the Grand Continental Hotels, the Merdeka Palace Kuching, the 18-storey Menara MAA Headquarters Kuala Lumpur, the 25-storey Menara MAA Johor Baharu and the 33-storey PJ Exchange Petaling Jaya. These buildings have become iconic landmarks in Malaysia, renowned for their excellent quality and design. In 2009, Bina PYK (Sabah) was appointed the main contractor for the development of several projects in Sabah and subsequently, completed the construction of the highly acclaimed Peak Vista Bayu & Awana and Peak Soho, Bay Residence & Lido Avenue in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

While literally having the world at his feet, Datuk Jason Liew remains a humble and down-to- earth man who never forgets his roots. A member of the Hakka Association, Datuk Jason Liew was born and raised in Bidor, Perak, and is blessed with a wonderful wife and six children. He is committed to giving back to society and enhancing the lives of the communities, especially within their developments. In 2015, he made a significant contribution to SJK (C) Naam Kheung and the school’s main building tower was named in his honour. Looking back, Datuk Jason Liew has definitely taken the road less travelled and carved his niche at a young age to become one of the most successful construction and property developers today.